humanitarian missions

Drones give humanitarian relief workers greater situational awareness and help mission team members stay safe while preparing for and responding to an emerging crisis. The technology helps commanders make smarter decisions, based on more accurate information, in a cheaper and more efficient way than using conventional methods.


Environmental protection

From the air, you see things you wouldn’t notice from the ground. Aerial cameras and sensors help researchers, scientists and conservations better understand the world we live in by capturing data and information about our planet and the life on it.



DJI is driven by a desire to push the boundaries of what’s possible. We do this by continuously striving for excellence when innovating cutting-edge technology. But to continue doing this, we believe it is essential to give people a chance to dream big and an opportunity to turn that dream into a reality by having access to good education. Therefore, we work to inspire and facilitate for young people to pursue a career in science, technology and engineering.


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